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Discover Collioure

COLLIOURE has always been a coveted location because of its access to the Mediterranean Sea and its two shores making it easy to defend.

Large numbers of Phocaeans, and Roman and Greek seafarers made COLLIOURE their destination and left behind a rich archaeological heritage.
In 673, Collioure was occupied by Wamba, King of the Visigoths who named it "CAUCOLIBERIS" (Port of Elne) which confirmed its importance as a trading port.

From 981 onwards, the Counts of Roussillon and the Kings of Majorca began to develop COLLIOURE and build a fortress which became the summer residence of the Kings of Majorca from 1276 to 1344.

Throughout the 13th century, many religious crusaders passed through Collioure, such as the Order of Knights Templar (hence the famous legend of the Knights of the Templar's treasure) in 1207, the Cistercians in 1242, and the Dominicans in 1280.

Later, the discovery of America in the 15th century led to a gradual decline in the port of Collioure's activities. From 1462 to 1493, Collioure came under French occupation during the reign of Louis XI. In 1642, having freed themselves from Spanish colonisation, the Catalans fell under the occupation of French troops again. During this period, Vauban altered the fortifications giving Collioure its current appearance. In 1659, the Treaty of the Pyrenees was to attach the Roussillon region to the French crown permanently.


Chateau de Collioure